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Benefits of an AdWords audit

Reduce costs and increase your profit!

Would you like to know if there is more? In an AdWords analysis, Clicks Online Business sees an entire AdWords account from the account settings to the particular search ad. We uncover hidden potentials for you!

Maximise your profit.Want to get more out of your clickbudget? We will analyse your AdWords account. Provide suggestions on how to optimise your ads and campaigns so you can make more profits on the same budget.

Uncover optimisation potentials.It is only when you look deep into the AdWords account, analyse data, perform tests, and get an overview of the campaign structure, where improvements can still be made possible.

Rely on the Experts Get a second opinion from our certified Sea-manager. It is no secret that a certain operational blindness can creep into companies. With a new, fresh perspective, new possibilities for optimisation can make great things happen.

Avoid mistakes.Errors in AdWords are often costly. Be on the safe side and have your AdWords account checked by our trained SEA team. We control settings, configurations, campaign structures and much more.

Our Awards
Our Awards in SEO & SEA
SEA Certificate of Quality of the BVDW

SEA Certificate of Quality of the BVDWThe SEA Certificate of Quality confirms our expertise and our transparent and professional work in the area of SEA.

Bing Partner Agency

Bing Partner AgencyMake the best use of all advertising potentials of the Bing search: Maximum effects and make the most of your advertising budget with Clicks as official Bing Partner Agency.

Google Premium PartnerEffective advertising within search engines is our speciality. As a Google Premium Partner we are certified and approved by Google in the field of AdWords.

Our analysis services
With our AdWords analysis, we uncover a plethora of hidden potential. With an expert eye and the certified expertise of our SEA managers, we give you a sound second opinion on the quality of your advertising texts, campaign structure and the design of search ads.


We give your AdWords account a thorough IST check. This idea behind this is two-fold. First, we can get an overview of your current approach. Second, we can identify strengths and weaknesses during this brief initial analysis.

SEA-Analysis & Audit
AdWords Analysis und Audit

Account and campaign settings

On a typical day, we always come across AdWords accounts that are set up incorrectly, and account and campaign settings which are incorrectly selected. For this reason, we check all settings and configurations as part of our AdWords audit.

Ad & campaign structure

To maintain an overview and to evaluate data correctly, it is important to align campaign structures and ad groups properly. We look to see if your campaigns are well structured.

SEA-Audit und Analyse

Check the tracking

We will check if all tracking codes and conversion tracking are properly integrated into AdWords and work smoothly. It is the only way to ensure that you will not lose any valuable data.

Identification of optimisation potentials

A new perspective opens up new possibilities. As an experienced AdWords agency, Clicks Online Business can give you a second opinion about your AdWords account. We identify optimisation potentials and list concrete improvement measures for you.

Analyse & Audit Ihres AdWords Accounts

Our process

Here is how we proceed with an SEA analysis

Are your AdWords ads profitable? Are you looking for the right keywords? Are you working with negative keywords? What is your USP? If we have answered these questions in our AdWords analysis, we develop a catalogue of measures and recommendations for you.

SEA Kontoanalyse

Comprehensive account analysis

In the SEA analysis, we look at your AdWords account and ask the following questions. What have you done so far? What are your campaigns like? Do you work with dynamic search ads? Which keywords do you offer? Who is your competition?

AdWords analysis and audit recommendations for action

Concrete recommendations for action

If we have thoroughly analysed your AdWords account, we will give you specific recommendations for optimising your ads and campaigns. With the implementation of these instructions, your chances to generate more sales & leads will increase.

SEA Analysis

Support for optimisation

If necessary, we not only provide you with a catalogue of measures but also guide and support you step by step in the implementation process. As a full-service agency for online marketing, we can complement your SEO measures with programming, web design and advertising.

More from Clicks

SEA ConsultingDo you have lots of questions about AdWords? Then you should get in touch with our certified SEA managers. We look at your AdWords account, go through the necessary optimisation measures and give you specific recommendations for internal implementation.

Web AnalyticsTo know how and when you reach your advertising goals, it is always necessary to have the relevant KPIs (KPIs) in mind. We support and guide you through this process and take over the web analysis of your site using defined KPIs and derive appropriate measures for a welcome development.

AdWords OptimisationHappy with AdWords and its performance? If not, let the professionals do the work. We optimise your AdWords campaigns and ads, so you will get more out of it than you put in. As a Google Premium Partner, we know what we are doing. Benefit from our know-how!

Online Marketing ConsultingDo you want to learn about online marketing? Thanks to our highly qualified team, we can offer you training courses so you can build on already existing knowledge or to provide application-oriented education. Of course, we also help you to implement your goals regarding online marketing.

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