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Benefits of working with Clicks
Content marketing is advertising that your customers want! They are looking for solutions to concrete problems and the fulfilment of personal desires. With customised content, you lead potential customers from desire to purchase. As a content marketing agency, we design your content marketing concept that contributes to your company’s success.
You reach customers at every stage of the journey Least customers buy directly at the first contact with a product or service. Each buyer in B2C and B2B asks specific questions during the purchase process and searches for solutions to problems. Using content marketing according to the inbound principle, they are present as a brand at every stage.
Your content must be customer focusedLikes alone do not pay the bills, sales do. Strategic Content Marketing combines your concrete business goals with targeted content creation and evaluation of success. While the KPIs of individual content can vary, each of your publications contributes to the success of your business goals.
You create content according to a planned strategy. Only with a complete content strategy do you know what function each website text, each social media post, each blog post and each whitepaper has. Scheduled content production is only possible with documented customer journey of your customers (buyer persona).
As a B2B provider closer to the customerEven as a B2B provider, your customers are not “the bricks and mortar” of a company, but individuals: managing directors, managers, employees and decision makers. With Content Marketing you position yourself as a brand, influence the decision-making process and prepare qualified leads which in turn will bring success to your company.
Using content strategy with results
You want to expand your content-driven brand communication, but are uncertain whether it is worthwhile? Then you probably lack a documented content marketing strategy. Only then can the value of individual content be determined using clear and defined KPIs.
Content strategy replaces guessworkWith an effective content marketing strategy; you know exactly which content you need when, where and in what form. Each piece of content contributes to the success of a company. This creates clarity in content production and makes it possible to measure success from the offset.
Using the right content on every channelUp to the point of purchase, customers pass through many stations. With an individual selection of communication channels, you will always be in the mind of your customers. Strategic content creation takes into account the specific characteristics of each channel and always achieves the best effect.
Content Marketing Services

Success factors for an effective content marketing concept

Content that works for you! Content is an investment.An investment in one of your most important assets: smart, tactical and well-produced content in the right place at the right time. Always on the spot to bring your potential customers one step closer to buying.

Performing a Content Audit

We drive your existing content to maximum performance. Often, a company already has a lot of content that can drive your content marketing forward. This way, articles and other texts can be optimised for search engines to achieve more traffic. We also check whether your customers can find the important information where they need it.
Performing a Content Audit
Create a Customer Journey for Content Marketing

Create a Customer Journey

What is the decision process for your customers and at what point, and importantly, which content is needed? A documented Customer Journey shows you the key points of potential customers where you as a brand can have a significant influence on purchasing decisions. For example, when customers are looking for suitable solutions to their problems, they need different content than when comparing specific products:”How do I maintain my lawn” versus “petrol or electric lawnmowers.”

Model Buyer Persona

Always strike the right note by addressing the specific personalities of your customers. A well-formulated Buyer Persona in the form of a profile of your typical customers gives your content the optimal cut. With a typical customer in mind, you not only know which content you need but also how it needs to be formulated and designed.
Develop Buyer Personas in Content Marketing
Creating great content

Create content

Content creation tailored to your business goals. We design a tailor-made concept that serves as the basis for copywriters, graphic designers and programmers. From articles and graphics to interactive online tools, we create content that achieves indirect and direct conversions.
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Content Seeding: Disseminating content

SEO-optimised content will generate sustainable traffic. Optimised content, which is also disseminated in a targeted manner, can have additional reach, backlinks and distribution via social media. We determine the optimal seeding mix for you from your own channels (owned), foreign channels (earned) and paid coverage (paid).
Seeding in Content Marketing
Measure Content Marketing KPIs

Measuring success

Content marketing is not an end in itself. With strategic content creation, you can actively influence the decision-making process of your customers, increase the number of visitors, increase leads and sales. Concrete KPIs do not only help with the evaluation of specific content and entire campaigns. You can also optimise priorities, processes and results of your content machinery

How does the content marketing process work?

Planning, implementing, measuring, optimising .With a customer-centric content strategy you set the course for your content marketing success. This enables you to produce exactly the content that turns your visitors into leads and buyers. By evaluating important KPIs, you can optimise your content from good to great.
Develop obejectives for Content Marketing

Definition of objectives and content strategy

Based on your business goals, we develop a content strategy. This gives all those involved inside and outside your company the direction for planned content creation and distribution.
Optimise all of your content

Content production and distribution

All the content we produce has a defined function. We choose format, scope and presentation depending on the KPIs we are targeting. We use your channels as well as relevant topic portals and influences for distribution.
Measure your Content Marketing success

Analysis und Reporting

With our analyses and reports, you always have your content marketing in view. The evaluations also explore promising optimisation possibilities with which you can constantly refine your content marketing strategy.
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Blog support Content and technical support of your blog. With optimized content, you increase traffic and increase the chance of leads and conversions. We take over the complete blog support from installation to topic planning and publication of the article.
Social Media MarketingWhich topic works on which channel and in which format? As a social media agency, we look after your channels in the social media. From setup to content creation and community management.
Web AnalysisWe keep an eye on the key performance indicators (KPIs) at all times. We set up an individual tracking system for you, determine reliable data and support you with the evaluation. This way, you draw the right conclusions as a basis for better decisions.
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