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The Google Display Network (GDN) gives you access to more than 90% of Internet users worldwide. However, only if your ads are targeted, will you be able to deliver your product to your audience. With Clicks Online Business at your side, you are in safe hands.

Better Online Presence! Wider Reach!Millions of web pages and apps are part of the AdSense program and are part of the Google Display Network. Turn banner and video ads into the world’s largest advertising network and make your products visible.

Give your brand more online visibility.Display advertising is ideal for branding and often serves to complement other marketing campaigns. Clicks Online Business will be happy to advise you about the various target audiences that Google Display can reach.

Go directly to your customers.Holen Sie Ihre Kunden dort ab, wo Sie zu finden sind. Dank der vielfältigen Targeting- und Remarketing-Optionen haben Sie im GDN die Möglichkeit Ihre Zielgruppe zu bewerben. Jedoch nur, wenn Sie wissen, wie Sie diese treffsicher einsetzen. Profitieren Sie dabei von unserem Wissen!

Hören Sie auf Ihr Geld zu vergeuden.Go straight to your clients with location-based advertising. Thanks to the wide range of targeting and remarketing options, GDN allows you to use direct target advertising. However, it only works to its potential if you know how to use GDN. Take advantage of our vast knowledge base!

Our Awards
Customer satisfaction and a high degree of transparency are just a few of our many great characteristics.
SEA Certificate of Quality of the BVDW

SEA Certificate of Quality of the BVDWThe SEA Certificate of Quality confirms our expertise and our transparent and professional work in the area of SEA.

Bing Partner Agency

Bing Partner AgencyMake the best use of all advertising potentials of the Bing search: Maximum effects and make the most of your advertising budget with Clicks as official Bing Partner Agency.

Google Premium PartnerEffective advertising within search engines is our speciality. As a Google Premium Partner we are certified and approved by Google in the field of AdWords.

Our services in Display Advertising
Google Display Ads are shown on more than two million websites and over 650,000 apps that participate in the AdSense program. Use this massive advertising platform to get your customers from where they are currently surfing. Clicks Online Business will bring almost two decades of experience and know-how to your table.

Initialisation of Google Display campaigns

To help you target users in Google’s vast advertising network, we plan and initialise your Google Display campaigns for you. No matter whether it is text, banner or video advertising – we place your ads in the right place at the right time.

Banner advertising
Display Advertising

Test of current display formats

Regular updates make it difficult to keep up to date. Clicks is always up-to-date and will test new ad formats (e.g. AdWords Responsive Ads) for you in your campaigns.

Targeting relevant target groups & placements

Millions of websites and countless users are bustling around in GDN. To avoid losses and reach potential customers, we tailor your text ads to specific target groups. We select the options that suit you and your products from a selection of targeting and placement options.

Display Werbung
Display Marketing

Advice on effective advertising banners

“A picture is worth more than a thousand words.” To ensure that your advertising reaches the desired destination, we will advise you in the creation of compelling and attractive advertising banners. Whether static or dynamic banners – we know what’s in vogue and where.

Continuous campaign optimisation

We continually review, optimise, and expand your AdWords Display Ads for you. Let Clicks do the hard work, and by doing so, we will get the maximum out of your display advertising, while you can pursue your day-to-day work undisturbed.

Google Display Network

The Process

How we do things

Do you want to open new customer channels and increase your brand awareness? Then Google Display Ads are the right way to go. Clicks Online Business initialises your campaign, targets relevant audiences and placements, and takes care of maintenance and support for you.

Display Network

Campaign creation

No time? Not enough resources? We are pleased to help you create and set up your Google Display campaign. Thanks to many years of experience and a trained team, we can look after any potential snares and help you get the most out of your business.

Google Display Ads

Continuous optimisation

To successfully advertise on the Google Display Network, it is not only about creating your ads and campaigns but also periodically checking and continuously improving key figures. Clicks will provide you with monitoring and optimisation measures.

Google AdWords/Google Ads Banner

Tracking & Reporting

With us, you can see the performance of your business through reliable metrics and figures as opposed to relying on hunches or gut feelings. We measure the overall performance of your ads and campaigns. We present the results of our work in clear and detailed reports.

Other benefits of Clicks

Social Media AdsYour target group is fooling around on social media sites? Do you want to target demographics, interests, or use other targeting options? Then social media ads on Facebook, Instagram & other platforms are just right for you.

YouTube AdsAccording to Google, YouTube is probably among the most important search engines in the world. Turn YouTube advertising into the form of video ads with our help. We select the right advertising medium for you, control your target group correctly and optimise ongoing campaigns continuously. We always have your budget and your advertising goals in mind.

RemarketingAchieve higher customer loyalty and a higher conversion rate with remarketing. |Properly used, Retargeting is a powerful tool in your marketing mix. Remind visitors of your website! Clicks Online Business is with you all the way!

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