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Advantages of Instagram Ads

From more reach to more distinctive branding

Used and loved all over the world with comments, picture and links – Instagram is more than just the little brother of Facebook. Hashtags have long crossed over from Twitter. With more than 700 million users, you have to have a Business Instagram account. We will help you to come above ground.

More reach and impressionsBy using Instagram Posts, you will enjoy a much wider audience reach. With various Instagram ads, your impressions will increase.

More followers and likesWe provide high-quality Instagram ads for a long-term commitment from your followers. The more “Likes” you gain for your ads, the better your content spreads, resulting in more followers, therefore potential customers.

Brand identityDo you want to stay fresh in the minds of your customers? You can do this together with our help through visual Instagram Ads. Our social media experience will help you achieve your goals.

Generate Leads and ConversionsWe look after not only more followers, but also potential leads and conversions with targeted advertising formats on Instagram. We apply your products in the appropriate format.

Our Services
Visual Marketing is one of the most important tools used in the area of sports and lifestyle.With the right approach to the target group, companies can achieve a greater reach with Instagram Ads. As marketing specialists, we know what makes people tick.

Photo Ads

Whether square or cross-format – we put your products or services in a clear, modern format. With precise targeting, we reach your target group and generate leads for your company page.

Instagram Advertising
Instagram Marketing

Video Ads

Videos are an indispensable part of the world of social media marketing. We make sure that your film, product video or side story is covered with an Instagram ad. With our help, your video ads generate not only a wider range, but also a high interaction rate.

Carousel Ads

Your products or services are difficult to present in a single photo? We prepare your advertisement on Instagram so that you can pack several photos in one Carousel Ad.

Instagram Ads
Instagram Advertisement

Story Ads

Stories are retold every day. Enhance your content with Instagram Stories ads. With Story Ads, we can create targeted community management for your business and bring you new customers who have not yet noticed you.

Success measurement and optimisation

Are you already using Instagram Ads for your marketing? We support you, assess KPIs and optimise your Instagram advertising professionally. We use your budget efficiently to achieve maximum reach and interaction.

Instagram Advertising

The Process

How we work

Hitting the nail on the head is not always easy. However, with a professional like us at hand, we find out how your target group can be defined and expanded. Through mutual communication, a creative process and accurate observation, we will jointly create more leads and conversions for your website.

Ads Instagram

The concept

Individual and tailor-made campaigns are our forte. In collaboration with you, we create ideas for how your social marketing campaigns can be implemented in the right format.

Ads on Instagram

Perfect targeting

From the conceptual design of Instagram advertising, we use current statistics and other channels to develop a suitable target group with appropriate user properties. So, you can rest assured that we will strike a chord with your existing and potential customers.

Instagram Remarketing

Success measurement and optimisation

When Instagram ads go live, we can observe their effects. Through our monitoring, we see exactly how important your advertising is for the target group and where optimisation is still required. We take this as a basis for future ads and thus increase the responses to your ads.

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Social Media AdsYour target group is spread around the social web? Do you want to target with demographics, interests, or other targeting options? Then social media ads on Facebook, Instagram & other platforms are just right for you.

Facebook AdsReach out to your target audience with Facebook ads. Advertising on Facebook can be mastered by the many targeting options, so you can reach the people who are interested in your product. Try it out – with Clicks at your side.

YouTube AdsAccording to Google, YouTube is probably among the most important search engines in the world. Turn YouTube advertising into the form of video ads with our help. We select the right advertising medium for you, control your target group correctly and optimise ongoing campaigns continuously. We always have your budget and your advertising goals in mind.

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