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Advantages & Benefits Widen your reach – local, national & international!Would you like to make your products known abroad? With Clicks, you have a strong partner for international search engine optimisation at your side, who professionally supports you in your expansion plans.
Capture international marketsDo you want to explore new markets? We will increase your reach worldwide. With accurate search engine optimisation, we bring your website in the desired target countries to the top positions of Google, Yandex and Co.
Online presence at home and abroadWe give your products more online visibility. Only if they appear globally in search engines, you can successfully sell internationally. With OnPage optimisation and qualified link building, we ensure that your website can be found at home and abroad.
Multi Lingual AgencyFor each language will you go to a different agency? Not with us! Clicks Online Business optimises your website for the world’s most important languages. Our spectrum ranges from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish.
International SEO from the professionalsStay up to date with the world of SEO with Clicks Online Business! We are masters of our craft as is proven with the SEO Quality Certificate of the BVDW (Federal Association of Digital Economy). Benefit from our expertise on a national and international level.
Our Awards
Trust is good; certificates are better. With us, you have a strong partner at your side who is at the top level of International Marketing.
SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW

SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDWThe SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW awards us with the highest level of competence and professionalism when dealing with customers demands in the area of Search Engine Optimisation.

iBusiness Top 100 Service Provider

iBusiness Top 100 Service ProviderBecause of our many years experience and highly qualified staff we are in the Top 100 SEO Agencies in Germany.

Link Research Tools Associate

Link Research Tools AssociateBeing a Link Research Tool Associate, we can guarantee you certified staff and the best service in the field of SEO and Link Auditing Services. Expert ExpertThe certificate awards our specialist knowledge of software, where we have been able to fulfill all of our customers needs from a range of different industries.

International SEO – Our Services
We analyse, research and translate for you so you can expand and grow your target group internationally.

Set global goals

Worldwide expansion – not a hurdle, but a challenge. In addition to holistic translations, cultural and linguistic peculiarities must not be overlooked. Professional translators are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish.
International SEO
International SEO

Control. Use. International search engines

Although Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, there are regional differences in the use of search queries. In some countries, Yandex or Bing is preferred. Therefore we offer you optimisation not only for Google but all other relevant search engines.

Native Keywords

To translate already existing keywords is inconsistent and thus a false investment. Keywords for other regions need to be completely newly researched. Search queries in one country often differ significantly from search queries elsewhere. Let us explore the interests of your international customers together!
SEO international
multilinguales SEO

Strategic development. Inside and Out

Based on language targeting and industry-specific characteristics, an international site structure is customised for you. The choice of the right domain plays an equally important role as the building of a meaningful and country-specific domain structure.

International Linkbuilding

A networked link profile is essential for your ranking. For this reason, we build internationally qualified links for your website. Let us do the hard work. We take over the link building for you, while you pursue your day-to-day operations, undisturbed.
SEO multilingual
SEO mehrsprachig

Country-specific content strategy

Not all content works in every country, which also means that your existing website content is not simply translated, but should include country-specific features such as country-specific idioms. Category, product, ad and blog texts should be adapted to the target country.

International SEO procedures

We will help you realise your expansion plans.Benefit from our many years of experience in online marketing as well as access to professional translators and native speakers.
 International SEO

Structuring the domains according to the region

A country-specific top-level domain is one-way subdomains can be sub directed from the other. Together, we decide which strategy is devised for you. For the sake of clarity and effort, we choose which structuring ultimately provides your customers with the best conditions for a conversion.
Keyword Analysis for international SEO

Language-specific keyword analysis

An international search engine optimisation includes, among other things, a specific keyword analysis, which is adapted to the respective language. Depending on the region, search behaviour and product preferences of the potential customers differ. For a successful keyword strategy, it is important to take into account language specific features.
Linkbuilding for international SEO

International Linkbuilding

After researching relevant link partners, they are contacted according to their language. The writing of blog entries and guide articles is done by a native speaker to ensure high quality. An increase in visibility is to be expected, which is checked using link metrics and corresponding additional tools.
Other great services we offer
SEO Strategic DevelopmentEach industry has specific characteristics. A successful SEO strategy must therefore always be individually planned and implemented. Together with you, we work out an SEO strategy tailored to your needs and goals.
Technical SEOTechnical SEO is a prerequisite for successful search engine optimisation. Only after your website can be easily understood by search engines, purposeful for the user and displayed on mobile devices can further optimisation measures take place.
Complete SEO ServicesAs a specialised agency for search engine optimisation, we offer you complete SEO support for a sustainable and efficient development. To this end, we take all measures from SEO analysis such as strategic development and implementation.
Web AnalyticsTo know how and when you reach your advertising goals, it is always necessary to have the relevant KPIs in mind. We support you in this process and take over the web analysis of your site using defined KPIs and derive appropriate measures for a positive development.
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