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Wider reach and brand awareness

It is especially in the B2B area, but also for the recruiting of employees that LinkedIn Advertising is worthwhile. Improve your Google Ranking with successful ads on LinkedIn by taking advantage of our social media expertise

Generate leads in secondsNo complicated adjustments and waiting times: LinkedIn advertising is effective from the moment it is switched on. Who would have thought that generating leads could be so simple?

Make valuable contactsLinkedIn is a precious source, especially for B2B companies. With LinkedIn ads, we create more opportunities for you to make valuable contacts and build new business relationships.

Budget-oriented trackingWith full cost control, LinkedIn provides accurate group targeting. We help you get the most out of your budget as effectively as possible and to help you achieve your goals through the appropriate advertising formats.

Brand identityLinkedIn Ads often generate a very high impression number compared to the click rate. However, this has an advantage, which placed ads does not, and can, therefore, strengthen your brand awareness.

Our services
Targeted advertising is a highly effective way to generate more leads and increase your brand awareness. With targeted advertising, it is possible to get more traffic to your business page. We advise you on the different LinkedIn Advertising variants and guide you through their implementation.

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With targeted ads, such as sponsored content, you reach your target audience on any device. With CPC or CPI, we control your LinkedIn advertising and track its effect using leads. Sponsored content gives you a much larger audience.

LinkedIn Ads Sponsored Content
LinkedIn Advertisment

Sponsored InMail

With InMail you reach your target group via a message in their inbox. As personal as possible with little time invested. Invitations to webinars, newsletter registrations, publications of products and higher download numbers for eBooks are therefore encouraged.

Dynamic Ads

We create advertising that is related to the activities and interests of your target group. Accurate targeting and consistent analysis of the performance of your advertisements ultimately increases the number of your followers. From this, you get valuable business contacts.

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LinkedIn Advertising

Display Ads

Achieve a high brand awareness. The solution to this great goal is, among other things, is a well-calculated Display Ads in LinkedIn. With these, you can achieve a particularly high volume of impressions. The target groups are chosen on the professional level using existing company data or professional titles.

Text Ads

We support you with text ads, which will bring more traffic to your business website. Based on the targeting measures, we use Text Ads exclusively to generate high-quality leads. Thanks to CPC and CPI, we have your budget optimally under control.

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The Process

How we work

LinkedIn Ads from a professional source for a professional network. Leave complicated advertising formats and targeting to us. We will find the right solution for you.

Advertising on LinkedIn

Content and ad planning

After analysing who your target audience is, we work together with you to develop a thought-out advertising campaign within LinkedIn. We ensure that your audience is addressed correctly. We work on the conceptual design, implementation and dissemination together galvanising our working relationship.

Advertising LinkedIn

Consulting and implementation of the targeting

We find the perfect target group for you and your company and achieve this through the use of targeting through LinkedIn. Consulting and implementation of the advertising formats are discussed in advance so that we can implement your goals straight away.

LinkedIn Ads post ads

Success measurement of LinkedIn Ads

The insights of your LinkedIn profile allow us to get an overview of the impact and performance of the LinkedIn ads. Using the trends and key figures of your followers, we optimise your advertising via LinkedIn.

Other benefits of Clicks

Bing Ads AgencyMore Deals: Lower competition! Great B2B audience! There are many good reasons to switch to Bing advertising. We would be happy to advise you as a Bing Accredited Professionals and will take over the entire work for you, from the account setup to the campaign creation & optimisation.

Social Media AdsYour target group is spread around the social web? Do you want to target with demographics, interests, or other targeting options? Then social media ads on Facebook, Instagram & other platforms are just right for you.

YouTube AdsAccording to Google, YouTube is probably among the most important search engines in the world. Turn YouTube advertising into the form of video ads with our help. We select the right advertising medium for you, control your target group correctly and optimise ongoing campaigns continuously. We always have your budget and your advertising goals in mind.

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