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Advantages of a Retargeting Campaign

With AdWords Retargeting you are always in the mind of your audience!

Achieve greater customer loyalty through remarketing. Stay connected with prospective customers and potential new customers through personalised advertising banners and search ads. We create, maintain, and optimise your remarketing campaign on Google AdWords and similar platforms.

Inrease your Conversion RateOver 90 percent of users and online shoppers do not convert on their first visit. Prices are often compared, reviews read or advice sought before a user will purchase. Increase your conversion rate. Get back into the game with Remarketing to get the revenue-rich second or third contact.

Stay Fresh.The aim of a retargeting strategy is to keep in touch with existing customers and potential new customers. A remarketing campaign reminds site visitors that they have looked at your site and specific products.

Reduce losses.Users who put products into the shopping cart or categorised a category of your page have signalled an apparent interest in your assortment. Get these visitors back with targeted remarketing from Clicks Online Business and minimise losses.

Focus on experience & expertise.Remarketing is a powerful tool when used correctly. In addition to search engine optimisation, Clicks Online Business is specialised in SEA and remarketing. Numerous certificates and our status as a Google Premium Partner testify to this.

How does remarketing work?

Reach out to your customers again!

What is remarketing? Remarketing also referred to as retargeting, and is when visitors go to your website and are targeted again on other pages. The goal behind this: these users should be encouraged to return to your site, in order to ultimately buy your products or services.

Users are saved in remarketing lists

To evaluate the behaviour of your site visitors, all or just a few pages, such as the shopping cart, are given “tags”. A cookie is then used to tag the site visitors so they can be collected in remarketing lists.

Re-address your site visitors

The users stored in the remarketing lists can be addressed with advertising banners and text ads specifically tailored to the target group.

Goal: increase conversion rate

Since these users have already shown a greater interest in your site, the likelihood that you will convert when re-addressed is higher than on the initial contact. With remarketing, increases the chance of a conversion rate.

Remarketing with Google AdWords

Our Awards
Certified quality: Transparent & customer-oriented!
SEA Certificate of Quality of the BVDW

SEA Certificate of Quality of the BVDWThe SEA Certificate of Quality confirms our expertise and our transparent and professional work in the area of SEA.

Bing Partner Agency

Bing Partner AgencyGetting the most out of your advertising budget is what the Bing Accredited Certificate earns you. We don't just make great ads for Google but we can make sophisticated Bing Ads for your business.

Google Premium PartnerEffective advertising within search engines is our speciality. As a Google Premium Partner we are certified and approved by Google in the field of AdWords.

An Overview of our Services
More Conversions? Higher customer retention? Greater brand awareness. No matter what your goal is on the Internet, Clicks Online Business is with you all the way. We create remarketing lists, set up campaigns for you and continually optimise them. Because your goal is our incentive.

Analytics Remarketing

To make your remarketing campaigns even more targeted and minimise losses, we link your Google Analytics account to Google AdWords. Analytics Remarketing offers you additional features that will entice your visitors.

Remarketing mit Google Analytics
Remarketing in Google AdWords

RLSA search campaigns

Reach out to your customers again! Through remarketing lists (RLSA) (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads), you have the opportunity to meet users who have viewed your products again in the Google search with targeted search ads.

Objective: Display Remarketing

Along the Customer Journey, it is normal that it often requires several contacts before a visitor becomes a buyer. With remarketing in the Google Display Network (GDN), you can get back to the customer’s memory with attractive banner ads.

AdWords Display Remarketing
Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing

With dynamic remarketing, it is straightforward to create appealing advertising ads that allow the user to automatically import the products for which he is genuinely interested. Work with Clicks to set up this highly competitive advertising method.

Customer Match Remarketing

Using the Customer Match feature in AdWords, you can upload your favourite email addresses, such as newsletter subscriptions so that you can interact directly with Google, YouTube, or Gmail. Clicks look after your Customer Match campaigns.

Remarketing via Google's Customer Match
Google Retargeting via YouTube


Want to use your ads to target YouTube users who have subscribed to your channel or viewed one of your videos? To do so, we link your YouTube account to your AdWords account and take over campaign creation as needed.

Our process

How we do things

On request, we can take over everything from the selection of the channels through the creation of the monitoring, which is the complete support of remarketing campaigns. Sit back and relax while Clicks Online Business turns site visitors to customers.

Google AdWords Remarketing

Channel selection

Whether it is display, YouTube, or even a Google search, our certified PPC managers decide together with you on which advertising network your remarketing campaigns will be displayed so you can reach your target group safely.

Set up remarketing in Google AdWords

Setup & Control

We create remarketing lists and set the appropriate tracking for you. We will then gladly monitor your campaigns. We monitor whether your ads are running well and the conversions are rising.

Retargeting Agency

Success monitoring & reporting

From comprehensive reporting, you will be able to find out how successful your campaigns are running and how remarketing has achieved the desired increase in sales.

Other benefits of Clicks

Bing Ads AgencyMore Deals: Lower competition! Great B2B audience! There are many good reasons to switch to Bing advertising. We would be happy to advise you as a Bing Accredited Professionals and will take over the entire work for you, from the account setup to the campaign creation & optimisation.

Social Media AdsIYour target group is spread around the social web? Do you want to target with demographics, interests, or other targeting options? Then social media ads on Facebook, Instagram & other platforms are just right for you.

Facebook AdsReach out to your target audience with Facebook ads. Advertising on Facebook can be mastered by the many targeting options, so you can reach the people who are interested in your product. Try it out – with Clicks at your side.

AdWords OptimisationHappy with AdWords and its performance? If not, let the professionals do the work. We optimise your AdWords campaigns and ads, so you will get more out of it than you put in. As a Google Premium Partner, we know what we are doing. Benefit from our know-how!

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