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Advantages and Benefits
Recognise and take advantage of your ranking! Only those who know their mistakes know what they can improve. Find out in which ways you can optimise your site to achieve better rankings and more sales. Get in touch with our SEO experts.
Recognise your optimisation potential!Together with you, we analyse the actual status of your site and show you the potential for improvement in search engine optimisation. Do not let this chance pass to put your website at the top.
Better rankings.We not only analyse your site but also provide you with concrete recommendations for action, which you or yourself can implement with our help. These measures will significantly improve your rankings and increase visitor numbers.
Save time and resourcesInvestigating a website is not only time consuming, but also usually involves valuable, human resources. Better place your employees where they are needed and use Clicks Online Business to do the SEO Audit.
Visible successesIn an SEO audit, we identify measures that will help you advance. With the help of specially defined SEO KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you can reliably measure and make the success of these actions visible.
Our Awards
Proven success and maximum transparency: Clicks is certified several times.
SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW

SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDWThe SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW awards us with the highest level of competence and professionalism when dealing with customers demands in the area of Search Engine Optimisation.

iBusiness Top 100 Service Provider

iBusiness Top 100 Service ProviderBecause of our many years experience and highly qualified staff we are in the Top 100 SEO Agencies in Germany.

Link Research Tools Associate

Link Research Tools AssociateBeing a Link Research Tool Associate, we can guarantee you certified staff and the best service in the field of SEO and Link Auditing Services. Expert ExpertThe certificate awards our specialist knowledge of software, where we have been able to fulfill all of our customers needs from a range of different industries.

Our services in SEO Auditing
With an SEO audit, we thoroughly examine your pages, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your Internet presence. If we have identified optimisation potentials using various analyses, we will give you specific recommendations for action that they can implement themselves or with our help.

Tailor-made IST analysis

We analyse the actual state of your website concerning already implemented SEO measures and their success in search engine ranking. Our SEO audit is tailored to your needs and objectives.

Determination of SEO potential

Using the data collected in the analysis, we determine the unused SEO potential of your site. We collate the measures and keywords you can use to maximise success in your industry.

Discover your Potential

According to experience, there is still improvement potential on every website. Using various tools, our professional know-how and our experience in online marketing, we reliably cover the strengths and weaknesses of your website.
Competitor Analysis

List of measures

The aim of the SEO audit is to provide you with a clear catalogue of measures with concrete action and optimisation recommendations, which you can either implement yourself or with our help.

SEO audits by Clicks Online Business

How We Work Your needs and goals are always at the forefront. Only when we know what you want to achieve, we start with the SEO audit. With the aid of analysed data and our experience, we define measures that will help you get closer to your goal.
Website Analysis

Technical and structural analyses

What is a URL structure? Are there any error messages? How long are the page loading times? In an SEO audit, we investigate the technical infrastructure of your website to correct possible errors and eliminate ranking disadvantages.

On- and off-page analyses

We will use On-page and Off-page analysis to determine if and how your page is found on the Internet. We look at current ranking positions, traffic, competitors, page content, the link structure, usability and much more.

Individual recommendations for action

By the analyses carried out, we determine optimisation potentials and derive a catalogue of measures tailored to your website. We can now implement a step by step strategic plan.
Other benefits of Clicks
Technical SEOTechnical SEO is a prerequisite for successful search engine optimisation. Only after your website can be easily understood by search engines, purposeful for the user and displayed on mobile devices can further optimisation measures take place.
SEO MonitoringMonitoring is one of the most important tools of search engine optimisation. We continuously monitor the success of an optimised website. This makes the efficiency and effectiveness of all optimisation measure tangible.
SEO RelaunchYour old site needs a new design? Ensuring that you do not lose traffic through bad rankings during the relaunch, search engine optimisation for your business is essential. With Clicks Online Business, you have an experienced partner who knows about the pitfalls a relaunch SEO and can handle any unforeseen problems.
International SEOWith the international SEO expertise of Clicks, you will be able to expand into several new markets. Through our many years of experience in search engine optimisation, you will benefit from an extensive know-how. We carry out analysis and implementation in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian.
Web AnalyticsTo know how and when you reach your advertising goals, it is always necessary to have the relevant KPIs in mind. We support you in this process and take over the web analysis of your site using defined KPIs and derive appropriate measures for a positive development.
Conversion Rate OptimisationYou have invested a lot in your online presence, but your site visitors only generate traffic and no leads? Clicks Online Business helps you improve your web presence so that the conversion rate increases and you maximise your turnover.
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