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With professional monitoring, keep track of your rankings Do you want to know how your website is performing compared to the competition? Which product is searched most and which not so much? With careful SEO monitoring, Clicks Online Business gives you an accurate overview of the actual state of your website and supports you in the successful implementation of your goals.
Do you want to go to the top?Thanks to continuous monitoring and comprehensive expertise, we recognise the needs of search engines and customers and respond immediately. In this way, you have the chance to optimise the content of your website rank much higher in search engines.
Do you want visible success?Based on defined key performance indicators (KPIs) we will make your success visible to you. In regular reports, we will inform you about the progress we have done in our work and whether your rankings will develop in the desired direction.
Do you want transparency?We want you to understand our way of working. For this reason, we will explain every step of the process to you in detail but without the industry jargon. As an International SEO service provider, awarded by the Federal Association of Digital Economy (BVDW) eV with an SEO quality certificate, we understand our trade and support you throughout the whole process.
Do you need more than just SEO for your business?Upon request, we can offer you the complete all-round service for the support and implementation of your online marketing strategies. From programming through to web design to paid ads and content marketing, we are masters of the entire online repertoire.
Our Awards
Reputation for high-quality work
SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW

SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDWThe SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW awards us with the highest level of competence and professionalism when dealing with customers demands in the area of Search Engine Optimisation.

iBusiness Top 100 Service Provider

iBusiness Top 100 Service ProviderBecause of our many years experience and highly qualified staff we are in the Top 100 SEO Agencies in Germany.

Link Research Tools Associate

Link Research Tools AssociateBeing a Link Research Tool Associate, we can guarantee you certified staff and the best service in the field of SEO and Link Auditing Services. Expert ExpertThe certificate awards our specialist knowledge of software, where we have been able to fulfill all of our customers needs from a range of different industries.

Our services for SEO monitoring With SEO monitoring, we continuously monitor the visibility of your website and your competitors. Do not miss a chance to improve your rankings and identify new, relevant content for your site. For continuous optimisation of your website, content monitoring of your rankings is indispensable. Clicks have the know-how and the tools to show you through regular reporting where you stand in comparison to the competition.


We offer individual ranking monitoring. Before the start of any improvement measures, it is important to know the actual status of your site, to be able to match it with the target status during the ongoing optimisation process. Also, monitoring keywords relevant to you allows us and you to recognise opportunities for new rankings.
Website Monitoring
Comprehensive SEO reports

Backlink monitoring

With SEO-Monitoring we have not only keywords in the view, but of course also your backlink profile. We can detect and remove harmful links. We check whether internal links point to the correct landing page and do not go into the abyss. We also create sustainable link marketing concepts for your site.

Competitor Monitoring

For successful online marketing, it is important to know how your site compares to the competition. We monitor your biggest competitors and regularly send you reports with precise keyword and backlink analysis. This will give you valuable information about possible link sources and new content for your website.
Website monitoring

Update and index monitoring

We check for you how often the search engine crawlers visit your site and which subsites get included in the ranking index. You see if the crucial pages in the index have landed and whether changes are quickly perceived by the search engines.

Regular reporting

All analyses and observations can be obtained in a clear and transparent manner in weekly or monthly reports. In doing so, we do not leave you alone with the data, but rather give you concrete recommendations for action and, of course, support you with advice and action.

Sequence of SEO monitoring

How we work Your satisfaction is our incentive. Therefore, we want you to be able to follow our work transparently. In three simple steps, we will determine what you should expect from SEO monitoring, how we can achieve these goals and what your reporting should appear. After all, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution in online marketing.

Before we can monitor your website, we need to know what is important to you first.

Initial Meeting

To find the Key Performance Indicators that are important to you, we first need to know where you want to take your website and what you expect from your reporting. In a kick-off meeting and brainstorming session, we determine your goals, wishes and needs.
Keyword & Ranking Monitoring

On-Page and Off-Page analyses

We perform various on- and off-page analyses using industry-standard tools to help you identify key metrics and data.

Regular Reportings

With regular reports, which you receive either weekly or monthly, you can see how your site visibility has developed compared to the competition and how your backlink profile has changed.
We can do so much more!
SEO-AuditOur tailored SEO Audit is always to your needs. Whereby we always determine the necessary data of your website and target group. All results will be structured and explained. The SEO recommendations serve as a foundation for the next steps of the process.
Technical SEOTechnical SEO is a prerequisite for successful search engine optimisation. Only after your website can be easily understood by search engines, purposeful for the user and displayed on mobile devices can further optimisation measures take place.
Complete SEO ServicesAs a specialised agency for search engine optimisation, we offer you complete SEO support for a sustainable and efficient development. To this end, we take all measures from SEO analysis such as strategic development and implementation.
Web AnalyticsTo know how and whether you can achieve your goals, it is always necessary to have a look at the relevant key figures (KPIs). We support you in this process and take over the web analysis of your site using defined KPIs and derive appropriate measures for a positive development.
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