Social Media Advertising

Strong Branding. More Followers. Increased sales.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Use Branding to reap conversions

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn, we can help you create and optimise your advertising campaigns on social networks. Together we will generate followers, reach and turnover.

Increase brand awarenessIncrease your brand awareness on all the key social networks. Clicks Online Business helps you choose the right social media platforms, the targeting of your advertisements and the broadening of your reach and how to strengthen your brand on the social web

Generate Leads and ConversionsConvince yourself with attractive and targeted advertising within social media channels and generate leads and conversions. We support and guide you in placing your products and services within social media platforms.

Correctly target a groupSocial media, like no other platform, offers the possibility to narrow down your target group accurately and to address them in a customised manner. Choose by gender, age, hobbies, and many other targeting options to whom your ads should be displayed.

Achieve better rankingThe more present and successful you are in the social media, the more authority you gain in other areas of online marketing. An effective social media strategy has not only more fans & followers, but often as a consequence has a better placement on Google and Co.

Our Social Media Advertising Services
Better presence on the most relevant social platforms. It is the only way to reach your customers in an accurate, effective and cost-efficient manner. Clicks Online Business optimises your social media ads for you.

Be in the right place

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube – we have everything in our repertoire. We realise your goals through finding a suitable strategy, which can be applied and distributed to the right channels. Naturally, this depends on your target group and your product portfolio.

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising

Define your target audience

Usage behaviours on the social media channels are characterised by different age structures and interests. Through your previous target group and existing statistics, we will find out how your target group can be defined precisely.

Tangible success

Reduced losses are a particular advantage of social networks. Once using social ads, we can use metrics and KPIs to see what works best for your business.

Social Advertising
Social Ads

Continuous bid optimisation

According to findings from the monitoring, we can fine-tune future SM ads to your target group. We can also optimise your budget and better align your advertising campaigns.

Consulting and optimisation of your channels

You are already present in some channels, but your number of followers still does not increase? No problem. Social media advertising is the perfect way to achieve a greater reach. We optimise your pages and advise you on upcoming campaigns.

 Social Media Advertising

The Process

How we work

Give your brand more presence. Talk to new customers and use Facebook, Twitter and others social media platforms as additional sales channels. Clicks Online Business is happy to provide you with the creation and development of your advertising campaigns on the social web.

Social Media Ads

Strategic planning

A sophisticated campaign requires a comprehensive strategic plan in advance. Measures that have been adopted so far will be scrutinised, competition analysed and objectives redefined.

Social Network Advertising

Strategic planning

An elaborate strategic plan is part of an ingenious campaign. Measures taken, are under constant scrutiny, competition and objectives redefined and analysed.

Advertising in Social Media

Consulting and implementation

In consultation with you and your goals, we create your campaigns in a creative process and create ad groups in a suitable format. These are adapted to your target group and thus have a greater reach and interaction rate.

Get more from Clicks

Facebook AdsReach out to your target audience with Facebook ads. Advertising on Facebook can be mastered by the many targeting options, so you can reach the people who are interested in your product. Try it out – with Clicks at your side.

Instagram AdsIn particular, a young target group can be identified on Instagram. It is not always easy to assert oneself among the many millions of users. We ensure success with precise targeting and monitoring measures through Instagram Ads.

YouTube AdsAccording to Google, YouTube is probably among the most important search engines in the world. Turn YouTube advertising into the form of video ads with our help. We select the right advertising medium for you, control your target group correctly and optimise ongoing campaigns continuously. We always have your budget and your advertising goals in mind.

LinkedIn AdsWe help you to create appealing picture worlds for your customers on Instagram. Establish reach. Reach new customers and create relevant content for your target audience with Clicks Online Business at your side. We design your Instagram ads so that you can be clicked.

SEA ConsultingDo you have lots of questions about AdWords? Then you should get in touch with our certified SEA managers. We look at your AdWords account, go through the necessary optimisation measures and give you specific recommendations for internal implementation.

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