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Advantages & Benefits
Increased performance thanks to a solid foundationSlow loading page? Wrong site structure? Only when your website is technically sound, you can hope for lasting success in search engine marketing. Trust in the implementation of our technical OnPage expertise.

Solid sites for sustainable successTo be successful on the World Wide Web, you need a good website with well-optimised content. In addition to good content and a user-friendly design, you need good content management systems and efficient use of supporting SEO technology. We optimise the technical side of your website so that further SEO measures are successful in the long term.
More sales through technical SEOWe understand the technical optimisation of your site as a basis for all further measures for search engine optimisation. Only if your website is perfect on a technical basis, we can then take steps for better rankings and finally more sales.
Avoid technical errorsIWebsite not performing? From experience, we can say that often a variety of technical failures cause bad rankings. For example, Clicks checks to see if all the important pages are included in the search engine index, whether there are manual actions, or if long loading times are causing the problem.
Save time & resources.No time to invest in new technology? Clicks have the know-how, the staff and, of course, the time to thoroughly examine your website. Dedicate yourself to the day-to-day running of your business and put your employees where they are needed. We optimise your website, online shop and ultimately your business as a whole for you.

Our Awards
Reputation for high-quality work
SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW

SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDWThe SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW awards us with the highest level of competence and professionalism when dealing with customers demands in the area of Search Engine Optimisation.

iBusiness Top 100 Service Provider

iBusiness Top 100 Service ProviderBecause of our many years experience and highly qualified staff we are in the Top 100 SEO Agencies in Germany.

Link Research Tools Associate

Link Research Tools AssociateBeing a Link Research Tool Associate, we can guarantee you certified staff and the best service in the field of SEO and Link Auditing Services. Expert ExpertThe certificate awards our specialist knowledge of software, where we have been able to fulfill all of our customers needs from a range of different industries.

Technical SEO – Our Services
Technical SEO refers to all SEO measures that DO NOT deal with the optimisation of the content of the page. Just by solving technical errors, the visibility of your site can increase significantly. To this end, we will examine your site using various industry tools, formulate recommendations for action, and assist you in the implementation of the improvement measures.

Comprehensive, technical analysis

Do Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines understand your page architecture? Are all relevant pages included in the ranking index? Is there duplicate content? Loading error? Slow page loading? We answer all these questions for you using comprehensive analyses of your site structure.
technical analysis
Onpage Optimisation

Indexing Management

A sophisticated and clean indexing management is the basis for high visibility in search engines. We will take care of your site to include crawl errors, Canonical tags, attributes, and more so that Google, Bing and Yahoo recognise your site – your page will be perfectly readable both by the user and by the search engine. Perfect.

URL & Domain Management

Not just Google, but also users benefit from a logical URL structure. We optimise the link and URL structure of your website using HTTPS. Google will prefer users to sites that use this security protocol.
Onpage SEO
Technical SEO

Code Clean-up

We release your source code from unnecessary tracking codes or other code snippets. The optimisation of the source text is not only used to reduce load times. It also helps search engine crawlers index your content faster.

Meta and Microdata optimisation

To make your site as easy to search as possible, you should not underestimate the value of metadata and microdata. They provide additional information for the evaluation of your website. Properly implemented, you can rank in the first position of a search engine.
On Page SEO
Onsite Optimierung

Page Loading Speed

Long loading times are just one of the true conversion killers for online shops. Also, Google’s Page speed has been an important ranking criterion for some time. To help you stay up-to-date in Google Ranking, we optimise your site’s loading speed.

Mobile optimisation

More and more users are no longer just surfing via their desktop but via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. For this reason, Google’s mobile optimisation has become another ranking criterion. Therefore we ensure that your site is equipped for the requirements of the “mobile-friendly” web.
OnPage Search engine optimisation

Technical SEO analysis

How we workWe work transparently. We want you to be able to follow our work step by step. From the initial analysis to the implementation of the optimisation measures, we are at your service as a competent partner and will gladly answer your questions.

OnPage Analysis

Technical site check

What is website architecture? Are there any error messages? How fast does your site load? In our site check, we investigate the technical infrastructure of your website to correct mistakes and gain additional ranking for your website.
technical search engine optimisation

Development of an action catalogue

We use OnPage analysis to determine the technical strengths and weaknesses of your Internet presence. Based on the results of these analyses, we work together with you to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy and a list of measures with concrete recommendations for action.

Implementation of On-Page measures

The suggested improvement suggestions can now be implemented step by step according to our measures catalogue. We are happy to provide you with advice and assistance! If necessary, we can also implement On-Page measures entirely for you.
Other benefits of Clicks
SEO-AuditOur SEO Audit is tailored to your needs. We always determine the necessary data about your website and target group. All results will be structured and explained. The SEO recommendations serve as a foundation for the next steps of the process.
SEO RelaunchYour old site needs a new design? Ensuring that you do not lose traffic through bad rankings during the relaunch, search engine optimisation for your business is essential. With Clicks Online Business, you have an experienced partner who knows about the pitfalls a relaunch SEO and can handle any unforeseen problems.
International SEOWith the international SEO expertise of Clicks, you will be able to expand into several new markets. Through our many years of experience in search engine optimisation, you will benefit from an extensive know-how from us here at Clicks Online Business. We carry out analysis and implementation in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian.
Complete SEO ServicesAs a specialised agency for search engine optimisation, we offer you complete SEO support for a sustainable and efficient development. To this end, we take all measures from SEO analysis such as strategic development and implementation.
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