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Advantages & Benefits
We measure what you need to know. 17 years in marketing and eCommerce have shown us what key indicators are needed to be successful on the internet. Benefit from our many years of experience and our expertise in web analysis!
Continuous Success TrackingNo matter what goals you pursue with your website, using specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you can easily understand whether you can achieve them. To ensure that you do not have to work through endless data tables, we are happy to provide you with a clear dashboard and prepare the most important key figures in an easy-to-read report.
Communication at your fingertips KPIs, ROI, Conversion Rate – we do not want to bore you with unnecessary industry jargon and abbreviations but convince you with real data. For you to understand and evaluate all our steps, we focus on clear communication.
Comprehensive online marketing An extensive web analysis is often the basis for many other services in online marketing. By the collected data, we can tailor your paid ads (PPC) or your SEO strategy to your particular target group. From programming to content marketing – trust our expertise.
Qualified Premium PartnerWith Clicks Online Business you have a professional online marketing partner at your side. As one of the few agencies in Germany, we have received the SEA and SEO Certificate of Quality from the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) in all three categories (strategy, on-page, off-page). Also, our team is excellent in dealing with analysis tools such as OnPage.org, Google Analytics and Link Research Tool (LRT).
Our Awards
Our most important certifications at a glance
SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW

SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDWThe SEO Certificate of Quality of the BVDW awards us with the highest level of competence and professionalism when dealing with customers demands in the area of Search Engine Optimisation.

SEA Certificate of Quality of the BVDW

SEA Certificate of Quality of the BVDWThe SEA Certificate of Quality confirms our expertise and our transparent and professional work in the area of SEA.

Google Premium PartnerEffective advertising within search engines is our speciality. As a Google Premium Partner we are certified and approved by Google in the field of AdWords.

iBusiness Top 100 Service Provider

iBusiness Top 100 Service ProviderBecause of our many years experience and highly qualified staff we are in the Top 100 SEO Agencies in Germany.

Our web analysis services The goal of each web analysis should be to find the strengths and weaknesses of a web page using valid data. It is much like a swot analysis of your webpage where we can get a real picture of your business and identify the strengths and weaknesses and use them to our advantage. From the mass of information, filtering out the key figures, which give you the right hints, is sometimes not an easy task. So trust us to get the job done!

Defining objectives

In initial discussions, we deal with your business objectives as well as with your website goals (e.g., branding, leads, sales, projections). Only when we know what you want to achieve, we can then use the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which are important for your success.
Web Analytics

Creation of a tracking concept

Once we know your goals, we create a comprehensive tracking concept for you. In this, we will carefully record and identify key figures, which analysis tools to use and how they are to be processed.

Configuration of tracking technology

For the desired data to be collected and collated quickly, we take care of the correct configuration of tracking tools and codes. Errors can happen very quickly if you have neither the technical know-how nor the resources for the technical implementation in your company.
Web analysis agency
Web Analytics Agency

Reporting & Dashboards

Nothing is more stressful than having to evaluate and extract information from huge data sheets. For this reason, we take over the analysis of the collected data and send you full report sheets at regular intervals. Depending on which tool you are using, we set up your dashboard so that you can see all the relevant information at a glance.

Website optimisation

Collecting and evaluating data by itself, will not bring success to your website, it is only the first step of the process. The data needs to be extracted, implemented and optimised. In this complex phase, we are happy to provide you with concrete recommendations for action and advise you on the optimisation of your website.
Page optimisation through web analysis

What happens during Web Analysis?

Step by step toward your goal To support your suggestions for improvement with meaningful data, we advise you in the selection of the analysis tools and set them up for you if necessary. With the help of clear dashboards and our regular reporting, you will be able to see what you can optimise.
Target Planning Web Analysis

Inventory analysis and target planning

We analyse your current ranking positions, traffic, competitors and development opportunities. Together with you, we will formulate the objectives of your website.
Web Analysis Configuration

Installation & Configuration

We are happy to set up the various analysis tools and tracking codes so that you can measure all important key figures without errors. Only if your Analytics account or other software is correctly configured, you will only then begin to receive valuable data.
Web analysis visualizations

Reports & Graphs

Using graphs in the dashboard as well as in our reports, you can understand the user behaviour from your end and thus detect and improve problems. Upon request, we can also provide you with concrete recommendations on how to optimise the appearance of your website
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